referral rewards!


If you're willing to declare your love for R publicly and persuade a few friends to preorder The Burning World, I have even cooler things to give you. When you preorder, you'll receive a unique referral link that you can send to friends or post on social media. Every time someone preorders through your link, you'll receive a credit toward these rewards:


Isaac's Scrapbook (5 referrals)

I'll email you my scrapbook of personal photos and commentary documenting my Warm Bodies journey from the original short story I wrote in my early twenties to the glamour and madness of Hollywood, with dozens of behind the scenes photos from my experiences on the set, at the premiere, and afterward. 


R's BFF (15 referrals)

I'll mail you a personal thank-you letter from R himself, along with an exclusive short story, “M's Journal," in which M contemplates the challenges of his new life among the Living. “M's Journal" will be printed on high quality paper and signed. It will never be published either in print or online, so you'll be in possession of something truly unique.


Isaac's Rare Books (30 referrals)
limited quantities
delivered February 7th

You're amazing and I love you and R loves you. I will send you one of my few remaining copies of the early self-published editions of Warm Bodies, of which only 100 copies ever existed, AND a copy of my self-published short story collection, The Hungry Mouth, of which only 500 copies ever existed and which will never be published again in its entirety.


Isaac Will Literally Marry You (50 referrals)
extremely limited quantities
delivered February 7th

That's a joke. Maybe. But support like this demands extraordinary gratitude. After I'm done crying, I'll contact you to let you pick your choice of whatever's left of the following one-of-a-kind items:

1. A red hoodie with an embroidered patch featuring the film production's unique skull logo, made special for the crew.

2. Several large “Isaac Marion's International Airport" decals that were used on the luggage carts in the airport scenes.

3. A copy of the shooting schedule for the last day of the movie's production, just like the ones the actors used.

4. Three pages of the original hand-drawn text and art that compose the Exed World Almanac.

5. One page of the original hand-written text that appears in The Burning World.

Also, I'll name a character after you! And maybe a coffee date if you're ever in Seattle? I'll stop now before this gets weird.


NOTE: if you'd rather take a more hands-on approach and just physically throw books at strangers, you can play the game that way too. You'll get a referral point for every copy you order, so...if you want to buy 50 copies right now, marital bliss with a bitter and emotionally distant author can be yours!