Hey friends. As you may have noticed, I'm doing a thing. I'm trying to sell The Burning World on my own little author store widget, for exactly 4 reasons:

  1. I get more of the money! It cuts out the evil empire that starts with A and ends with mazon.
  2.  You get more of your money, because I can set my own price and I've set it as low as it can go.
  3. (here's where it gets fun) I can give you things! Every preorder comes with a download of a very special and magical item that I will talk more about later.
  4. It allows me to do this referral game where you spread a link around and get a point for everyone who orders via your link. (and also for every copy you order.) When you reach certain scores, I send you increasingly rare stuff to say thanks.

So far, three people have reached 15 points and received signed copies of “M's Journal," along with a thank you note scrawled by R himself. See?

“M's Journal" won't be published anywhere. So far, there are 3 copies in existence. So if you're one of those crazy kids with huge online followings, or just someone whose enthusiasm is infectious, or just a really good manipulator, this is your time to shine!

Remember that you can copy the referral link out of the Facebook/Twitter posts and repost it other places—texts, emails, blogs, whatever. And if face-to-face is more your style, you can always order multiple copies yourself and sell them to your friends personally. I know that sounds crass. I'm just giving you options! 

I think it's pretty amazing that you guys are helping out like this and I hope these gifts show you how much I appreciate your efforts.

4 months and 21 days to go...

Your imaginary friend,