THE LIVING isn’t quite here…(but you can still read it!)

I have good news and bad news.

GOOD NEWS: today is the release day for THE LIVING, the final book of the Warm Bodies series. 10 years after I wrote WARM BODIES, I finally get to share the conclusion of this story. What a moment! The end of an era, the culmination of a decade of work! There should be fanfare, a launch party, we should—

BAD NEWS: the books aren’t printed yet.

I know, I told you I was publishing this myself, but it turns out the only way to TRULY do it yourself is to print the books on your own inkjet, bind them with duct tape, and sell them out of the back your sketchy van. Anything more ambitious and you’re dealing with other people. It takes far more people than you would imagine to publish a book well. There are shortcuts if you dump it into a faceless print-on-demand machine, but if you want a book that looks and feels substantial and refined—a book that you can autograph and slip special gifts into—you have to involve other people. I did everything in my power to deliver the book today, but I’m just the first cog in a long sequence of gears, and those big ones at the end are still turning.


I know. It’s maddening. You’ve been waiting YEARS for the end of this damn story. Am I really going to make you wait 26 more days??

Well…not necessarily.

If you bought the ebook, you will still get it today. So it’s KIND OF release day. (Yay!) But I’m not about to let those digital techlords flaunt early access over the true book lovers who wanted the rich experience of the hardcover. So...


If you preordered the hardcover, you will be getting an email today that contains an ebook download link. Anyone who orders the hardcover from now on will also get the ebook. You don’t need a tablet—you can read it on ANY device, including a desktop or laptop. If you feel that reading digitally will taint your experience of the story, I urge you to wait for that smooth, warm paper. But if digital doesn't bother you, or if you were just so hyped for this day that another wait might break you…the ebook is here if you want it.

I’m so thrilled to finally be sharing this with you. I hope once you start reading it—in whatever format you choose—all these annoyances will melt away. I hope you’ll join me in wishing R and Julie a fond farewell and get lost in their strange world one last time.

Thank you.