Return of THE LIVING

Hello friends. I’ve been quiet for a while, for two major reasons:

  1. My house got flooded and I’ve been drifting from hotel to hotel in a daze, unable to work or think as I try to catch the falling pieces of my collapsing life

  2. THE LIVING was out of stock

ONE of those problems has now been solved: the second printing of THE LIVING has arrived.

For those of you who already ordered it, your books shipped out yesterday. But there’s a small catch. In the midst of all my personal chaos, I was not able to make a trip to New York to sign the new stock…so these editions are going out unsigned.

I realize this is not fair since you bought this book advertised as a signed copy, so I’m doing my best to fix it. Everyone who ordered before today will be getting a letter from me with a PERSONALIZED signature on a bookplate—basically an archival quality “sticker” that you stick inside the book. I know this isn’t the same as a true signed copy, but hopefully the personalization will make up for it, since that wouldn’t have been possible if we were shipping from boxes of signed stock. (If you bought it as a gift, please contact me and let me know what name I should put on the bookplate.)

I now have roughly 1000 copies of THE LIVING that I paid for out of my own pocket. To be honest, this was a big gamble. Even with an eager fandom frothing from years of anticipation, it took a while to sell the first printing of 1500 copies. I have no books in stores, no books on Amazon, and no marketing whatsoever. It’s just me, out here plugging away on the internet. So it’s going be a big challenge to get rid of these last 1000 copies. And I NEED to sell them, before I sink even deeper into this money hole. (It’s too dark in here to write!)

So…if there’s anything you can do to help spread the word about the conclusion of a series that A LOT of people still don’t know is a series…now would be a great time!

Thank you for your continued support and presence through all these books and years. Stay Living.